My Best Wishes to all for the Holiday Season 2015!

My Dear Friends,



The year 2015 is getting to a close.

We have reached the Holiday Season!

Many of us start reflecting on the lessons learnt and those still to be learned, the epiphanies experienced and those that never occurred, the difficulties we faced, the goals we are setting ourselves for the New Year...

As we allow ourselves to become the observer, 

things start to make sense.

We understand.

We finally reach GRATITUDE!

And I want, once more, to express my gratitude!

Thank you so much for being the wonderful friends who you are! 

With the help of our beloved Angels, whether we live on one continent or another, we have found each other,

 and form an always growing community that is helping bring in the highest good for all on our beloved Planet Earth. 



As we move into the sacred time of this Holiday Season,

 I invite you to honor the quickening of time on the planet

and welcome the shift in consciousness happening all around the globe.

We are getting closer and closer to the time for the cosmic shift the Ancients have predicted for millennia, 

a shift that will heal the hearts and minds of humanity. 

Our Planet, Gaïa, is getting ready to return to its original 5th dimensional ways, 

giving us, human beings, the possibility to ascend with her, if we so choose. 



This year, directly on Christmas Day, December 25, 2015, we will experience a Full Moon, a rare event happening only every 38 years.

Our Angels, and all Luminous Beings who accompany us on our path, will be bathing us in an extraordinary influx of Light and Love.

With this extraordinary event, the Universe offers us an invitation to see beyond the traditional ways of celebrating Christmas: 

a cosmic portal is opening for us to choose higher consciousness,

 and invite such qualities as love, forgiveness, tolerance, compassion and grace into our daily lives,

independently of what we experience in the outer world. 

As Gandhi reflected, we are invited to "be the change we want to see in the world".




Your presence in my life is such a blessing!

May you and all your loved ones be blessed and receive the healing you may have been waiting for!

Always remember to ask your ANGELS for their help and loving support!



Have the most wonder-filled Holiday Season 2015!

I will look forward to seeing you again in the New Year 2016!

With Love and Angel Blessings,


Angel Mediator, Medium,

Reïki Master, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist