A truly life-changing experience, your Angel session will allow you to meet your Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and deceased loved ones, and bring you to that place where you create healing for yourself, bringing balance and harmony again to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies!

Your Angels have so much LOVE for you! Come and invite them back into your life!


Photo by Ryan McVay/Photodisc / Getty Images
Photo by Ryan McVay/Photodisc / Getty Images

Who are the Angels?

The magnificent Beings of Light we call "Angels" are pure Divine Souls who have volunteered to serve as bridges between us, souls incarnated momentarily as human beings on Planet Earth, and our Divine Source. They serve as messengers of the Light and have been well-known all through our history, and across all cultures and traditions, as the luminous Beings who may appear in our moments of great need.

Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters are all in fact non-denominational. They never separate and will never qualify themselves as belonging to a certain religion as opposed to another. They are PURE LIGHT.

As we continue our evolutionary process back to Divine Consciousness, we are given the opportunity to receive the highest help possible offered by our Angels and Archangels!

Our Angels know only LOVE. They have never separated from our Divine Source as we did, and accordingly, never created any form of karma for themselves. They love us unconditionally!

There is no action, no thought, no belief  on our part that our Angels would condemn or judge. If we behave "badly", as we call it, our Angels only see the wounding within us that has propelled us into choosing such a thought or an action and, if we ask for their help, they will always bring us all the loving support possible!

Our Angels always act according to "Divine Law", thus helping us find our way back HOME, while also respecting the Law of FREE WILL. They will never enforce any action, any thought, any emotion onto us. They may inspire us to feel which one is the higher path for our Soul, but never will they simply push us onto the path.

Accordingly, my recommendation is: ASK! As soon as you get up in the morning, while still in bed, ask your Angels to help you, to guide you and show you the highest way possible for you and for all involved.

Then, at night, before you fall asleep, think of expressing your GRATITUDE for all the loving support they have brought you throughout the day!

Remember, as Louise Hay said: "GRATITUDE IS THE BEST ATTITUDE!", a truth that was later confirmed by Dr. Masaru Emoto's scientific research on water, proving that water exposed to the attributes of "LOVE & GRATITUDE" produced the most beautifully formed hexagonal crystals that were close to perfection in their symmetry and harmony.

"Know Thyself!"

Why connect with your Angels?

Our Angels have always been our biggest fans! They have known us all along our many incarnations, on Planet Earth as well as other planets where we may have given ourselves the experiences our Soul needed. They have known us in between lives when we return home and recharge ourselves before coming back again for the next experience we cautiously choose with our Team of Guidance.

Our Angels know how demanding life on Planet Earth can be, and surround us with all their unconditional love and compassionate support! 

It will, however, always be our responsibility to ask for their help! Our Angels live by the Universal Laws and will always respect our free will!

Our Angels have been with us "forever" since, in truth, there was no beginning of time. We have always been and will always be. So, of course, they know us like brothers and sisters or even closer. They know very specifically what we came on Earth to accomplish and will nudge us back on track regularly if we are about to lose our focus.

They are with us, of course, at the moment of our transition, when it is time for us to leave the physical body and return to the "other side of the veil", as we have been calling it. Our Angels guide us through the process with great Love and compassionate support, and even more clearly if we have been close to them and asked for their help! The Archangel who is in charge of this moment in transition is Archangel Azraël, who is mostly called the Angel of Death. I personally choose to call her/him "The Angel of Life" since Azraël helps so very lovingly move into a much more expansive form of live where the limitations of the Earth plane are non-existent.

After centuries of being taught and programmed to fear the experience of death, we need to change our beliefs and realize that, what we call "death' is in truth the most wonderful experience of FREEDOM, EXPANSION, LOVE, and COMPASSION when we are welcomed back home by our Angels and our whole Soul Family after an experience on the Planet hopefully well-accomplished!

As we, the human race, evolve back to a higher level of consciousness, we are developing again our telepathic connection with the higher dimensions of existence, which allows us to re-establish clear telepathic connections with our deceased loved ones!

We are evolving toward a World of Oneness!

We are all connected!



A method of deep relaxation that helps you reconnect with, and move into Self-Healing though the help of your full team of Guidance, including your Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Saints and Sages of any tradition you feel connected to, and your Deceased Loved Ones! 


CLAIRVOYANCE: Probably the most popular channel everyone wishes to re-open. As a clairvoyant, your third eye, located in the center of your forehead, allows you to SEE and receive clear images/"videos" (!) concerning the situation or the person you have been asking about.

CLAIRAUDIENCE: The channel that allows you to HEAR and receive clear messages through your inner ears. The messages will mostly be delivered in a subtle way. The state of meditation, when you truly focus your energies towards one specific goal, allows you to acknowledge such messages more clearly. However, in the case of an imminent danger, your Angels and Guides can also use an extremely loud word or sentence that will immediately attract your attention and help you react in the highest way possible, maybe saving your or someone else's life.


Clearly the channel that has remained fully functioning for most people on the Planet. Parents cannot easily tell their children: "No! You are not feeling good/bad". A child feels and this is his/her truth. Accordingly, this channel is still active within most everyone. It allows you to clearly SENSE/FEEL the presence and flow of energies as well as determine whether the situation/person you are exposed to is trustworthy or not. A very important channel!


The channel which allows you to KNOW certain things about people or situations around you even though you have never encountered them before. You simply know! For example, you pass by somebody on a hike far away in the mountains. You have never seen them before and yet you know they are getting a divorce, they have 3 kids, etc.., a knowledge which will mostly be useful for you to be able to develop compassion and bring your loving support when these people are brought back into your presence.