Love is all there is....


                                                                           Love is all there is....

Geneviève & the Angels  

Gifted with a direct connection to the Angelic Kingdom and the dimension of Spirit since early childhood, my work with the higher dimensions has helped me develop an international network to share Divine Light and reveal the healing power of Love and Compassion. With grace, intuition and wisdom, my goal is to inspire you and re-open doors within, access the deeper wisdom of your soul, and allow for healing to happen.
Working with our beloved Angels has helped thousands restore their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being, and experience PEACE, JOY, and LOVE!  

With each Soul who awakens, we co-create again HEAVEN ON EARTH!

A short bio

"I looked in temples, churches, and mosques. I found the Divine within my heart." - Rumi

When we become aware of the world around us, we can only notice the Shift that has been happening during the last 50 to 70 years, and continues to happen in always more accelerated ways! It has become evident: humanity is awakening. The principle of "Cooperation" is replacing the old one of "competition", thus infiltrating society with the powerful idea of ONENESS!

I have always been an optimist. I trust the messages and visions that are given to me from the Angelic Kingdom. Many years ago, my Angels gave me a clear and exact vision of where we were heading to: HEAVEN ON EARTH and, of course, I started sharing the vision in my teachings. Each one us, human being on the Planet, is invited, at this moment of our evolution to become conscious, to realize who we are in truth and start moving beyond the world of polarity we have up to now created on our beloved Planet Earth. The planet, Gaïa, has chosen to return to her original 5th-dimensional way of being. It is up to us to now choose the 5th-dimensional way of being as well if we want to be part of this evolution. 

What is the 5th-dimensional way of being? This is exactly what my Angels were showing me and letting me experience in the large vision I received in 1997, giving me a clear perspective of the magnificent future we are heading towards. Of course, since we all have our free will, it is up to us to choose the Light or the lack thereof. The highest potential for humanity, however, is clearly one of Love, Compassion, Joy, Generosity, Heaven on Earth Network.

----- Born in Versailles, France,  I then discovered many areas this beautiful country while my family moved from one big city to the next, according to my father's professional requirements. As soon as I finished my studies at the University of Nantes, France, and became a High School teacher, my strong sense of curiosity for other human beings and cultures led me to discover the world. I have lived and taught in England, France, Singapore, Germany and the United States. This has enabled me to experience many different cultures, religions and beliefs. My interest in communication has led me to learn five languages. In the year 2000, my Angels let me know it was time to move to California and bring their Angelic Support to this area of the world. Wherever I find myself on our beloved Planet Earth, my four children and six grand-children - my "Earth Angels"! - have always been and still are the source of my greatest  joy! 
It is not my intention to impose my beliefs on anybody, nor would I try would not try to convince or convert anyone. Much more, I offer tools to those who simply cannot accept any more that life would simply consist of acquiring wealth, buying a beautiful house or a bigger car and paying the bills! 
As a child already, I was in touch with “the Other Side” and my Angels. They brought me the guidance, comfort and inner peace I needed. The moment of deepest transformation I ever experienced, happened when I met my soulmate and accompanied him to die, exactly as the vision i had as a child, had predicted. I have since then been guided by my Angels and Spirit Guides to perform hands-on-healings as well as Angel sessions, bringing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing to those who have been asking for help.


Geneviève is a Healer: an Angel Mediator, a Spiritual Teacher, a certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist and a Reïki Master, using each one of her gifts as needed, often combining them.
She is also actively involved in accompanying the dying through her Hospice work. It is her strong belief that dying (as well as being born) are life experiences which can be as full of JOY. We are responsible for our lives... for each one of our experiences! Her contacts with the other side and with deceased loved ones have taught her how dying can be compared to a graduation: after accomplishing what we came here to experience, we celebrate and move on to another level of awareness where we continue growing in Love and Service.
The bonds of Love we have established on Earth stay with us. Never can LOVE disappear! When it is our turn to go to the other side, our loved ones are the first to come and meet us! It is a great joy for her to help each one who asks receive healing, meet their Angels, find their path in life and fulfill their mission on Earth.

She has committed herself to help recreate Heaven on Earth!

I wanted to thank you so much. It was a wonderful feeling to read your words, and to once again feel the depth of your heart and soul. I had an intuitive insight come in... it was an understanding that of course the angels would choose you to help with their beautiful work, for your heart and soul mirrors the deepest radiance of the angels. In a way, it feels, you are an emissary for them, a shining light of caring and love... a beautiful being that offers support, gentleness and kindness to those she encounters on the journey of life.
— John, San Rafael, California
Thank you so much for the healing session yesterday. I am basking in the glory of the Light and grateful for your divine assistance with the reclamation of my own Divine connection.
— Nancy G., La Honda, CA
I wanted to really thank you for the beautiful work that you do. I’ve done shamanic journeys, crystal bowls and sound healing adventures, and had many wonderful mystical experiences in life. But the Angel meditation you took us through at East West on my birthday April 30th was simply beautiful beyond words.

When I came to the meditation, I didn’t know what to expect... and the gift you brought to me, of being able to connect with that other world of the Angels and receive the Divine guidance... it was simply perfect. And the feeling of meeting my loved one over there, of connecting with her for the first time since she passed on was a gift that I will always treasure.

There was another part of that experience that was also very wonderful. It was the gift of who you are and what you share with the world. I watched as you treated each and every member of the group with blessed caring, addressed them with kindness, and took the time to love them and truly care about their experience and what they had to say. In many years of different seminars, and metaphysical classes, I’ve never seen such a wonderful honoring of all who were there. It’s very clear that you have a precious gift that you are sharing, and that love, caring and kindness fill your heart and soul. Namasté.
— Jimmy, Pacifica, California
Dear Geneviève,
Thank you so very much for your patience and kindness. Your assistance is done so carefully and with such compassion! That, in itself, is so healing. I am very grateful.
Again, I do appreciate your help and know that I can trust your guidance.
— Carol B., Mountain View, CA
Dear Geneviève,
You are so amazing! Well, you know this.....but what is so amazing is how you make everyone else feel their Divinity too. You have greatly inspired me.....I want to be you!.... I want to be the kind of loving presence you are and make a difference to people....
— Rick S., Santa Cruz, CA
Dear Geneviève,
Thank you for the glorious meditation and guidance...I saw Archangel Haniel during the meditation - bringing me pink roses and reminding me to be in my feminine power. Now I also know that Archangel Ariel is with me on my journey to heal myself, the planet, and all souls through love...I am very excited and feeling empowered...I am feeling like I am grounded in my truth...and it feels so wonderful...
It was a Divine delight to be in your presence!!
— Marilyn C., Menlo Park, CA